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We may not be able to go back to indoor cinemas just yet, but an old-fashioned Drive-In has arrived in Sydney that will make a night out at the movies an extra special experience.


You may or may not have experienced the annual Mov In Bed season at the Entertainment Quarter just over the Bridge at Moore Park, where people lie out under the stars in actual beds to watch a movie…

Due to COVID-19 we can’t do that anymore.

Thankfully, the people behind it have moved fast to bring “The first COVID19-free cinema experience in Australia!”

“We are cinema lovers and we feel this could bring drive-in cinemas back under the spotlight. Many countries have already allowed drive-ins to run safely and they’re are now increasingly popular around the world.”

It’s already proving very popular with a mix of new, classic and family films. Dogs are even allowed to come along too so long as they stay in the car of course. There’s also contactless delivery to your car for food, wine and lollies.

You’ll need to book fast as this event is already selling out.

Click here for list of upcoming movies: https://www.movincar.com.au/movies/sydney-movie-selection/