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The popular local business specialises in authentic ingredients and caters for all dietary needs with a focus on sustainability.

For North Shore mum of two Deepthi Janakiram, opening The Green Bakery is a dream come true.  The business started in her tiny home kitchen, before moving to commercial premises, and now to beautiful shop in Artarmon largely through word of mouth, and she couldn’t be happier.

“I feel like until now I haven’t seen or spoken to all my customers, this my chance to meet them in person and say thank you for supporting me,” Deepthi said.

“Now I want to create the environment where people can come for a break, a place for mums to relax, or family to spend time together.”  

Deepthi comes from a family of chefs, but it wasn’t until she’d had a successful corporate career as a business analyst that she made a decision to follow in her father’s footsteps and retrain in the hospitality industry.

“Dad is a chef and we had a café growing up back in India, food has always been in my blood and a part of our lives. Even though I studied finance, I couldn’t stay away from food,” Deepthi said.

“So I quit my job of ten years and went back to pastry school and did diploma of pâtisserie and started my business.”

People couldn’t get enough of her delicious creations, and Deepthi went from making one cake a month, to now making hundreds of cakes each month.

Among the best sellers are the Victoria sponge, carrot cupcakes and chocolate hazelnut brownies. And that’s just the start of the mouth-watering menu on offer. 

“I use the best quality ingredients, I don’t cut costs using cheap ingredients. When you eat it, you know its not imitation because it tastes good. If I wouldn’t feed it to my children, I won’t give to customers,” she described.

Deepthi is also passionate about the environment, so the name The Green Bakery reflects her commitment to sustainability. 

In the new shop, most of the big items have been repurposed, there is antique furniture from 1800s which has been remodelled into new pieces. Even the crockery is repurposed, making Deepthi’s venture more environmentally friendly.

And if you have dietary requirements, The Green Bakery will have something for you. 

“It is primarily a cake shop, with a range of cupcakes and desserts, but our point of difference is our focus on inclusivity for all customers. We don’t say no if you’re vegan, nut free, dairy free, or lactose free, you will find a special treat in our selection,” Deepthi described.

“We will be doing a high tea catering for different dietary requirements, and I’m very excited about that. We will have different themed months so we can cater to all needs and have a wide range on offer.”

The new shop has a beautiful courtyard catering for 15-20 people, with chairs and tables outside so  customers can sit and have a beautiful cup of tea with a selection of savoury and sweet items. Events held in the courtyard space are also encouraged, and Deepthi plans to hold cupcake classes for interested locals.

So what is Deepthi’s favourite item on the menu?

“I love my coconut mango and passionfruit cake, it reminds me of India and my childhood with the tropical flavours,” she said.

“It’s all come together and I can’t wait, I am very proud of myself.”


The Green Bakery

54 Dickson Ave, Artarmon
Facebook: @TheGreenBakery
Instagram: @thegreenbakerybydeepthi