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Transformation by Helen is a hugely popular local wellness business that offers a unique blend of Chinese medicine and modern technology to help people be the best version of themselves. And it has quite a few well-known clients!

When you meet Willoughby local Helen Shao and hear her story, its hard not to be struck by her passion for wellbeing.

From her background as a Chinese refugee fleeing the Tiananmen Square massacre with less than $70 to her name, she now counts local celebrities among the clientele at her Naremburn business, Transformation by Helen.

Helen’s background in sports medicine and her knowledge of traditional Chinese wellbeing methods mean she can offer an array of services including lymphatic drainage massage, Chinese cupping, sports injury treatments, and ultrasonic cavitation (using ultrasound technology for weight loss). 

“I believe western and eastern medicine should work together. I use Qi, which is all about the flow and energy of the body, to identify if people are balanced or not,” she says. 

This rings true for radio host and TV presenter Ben Fordham, who is one of Helen’s clients.

Helen with well-known clients Gus Worland and Ben Fordham.

“She’s got a way of being able to work out if there’s something going on in your life. Physically she can identify problems in your body and they’re often not the problems that you think they are, she’ll touch one part of your body to fix another part of your body, and mentally, I don’t know, she’s got this very special power. I call her the Chinese witch doctor,” Ben says.

Using these techniques, Helen offers specialised transformation programs for weight loss, body sculpting, sports injuries, and face skin rejuvenation.

Helen knows the value of health, she donated her own bone marrow to a stranger in 2012, and says it was a life changing moment.

“It took me about a year to recover but I’ll never regret it. It’s so hard to describe how you feel, and you know, you actually probably saved another person’s life,” she says.

Helen was working as a financial planner at the time, but she says the industry was changing and she lost her passion for a career in financial services.

“Giving bone marrow and realising I could help people in that way really resonated with me, so I decided to move to the health and wellness industry.”

Helen bought a health food shop on Willoughby Road, selling vitamins and organic food in the front, and offering her expertise in sports injury and weight loss services at the back. 

Tough competition from other health food businesses proved challenging, so Transformation by Helen was born. And she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“If that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have the ability to run this business which now I am really enjoying and loving the most,” she said.

One of her other celebrity clients is tennis legend John Newcombe, who was in Helen’s new clinic at Crows Nest when the building suddenly collapsed last year. It made news headlines but fortunately no one was injured. 

John was such an advocate of Helen’s work he assisted her to get the business back up and running again.

“After 20 years on the international tennis circuit, your body takes a hell of a pounding so I’ve had some of the best health practitioners in the world trying to look after my body and keep it in shape,” John says.

Helen, Gus and John Newcombe.

“Several years ago I met Helen and she’s been taking care of my body ever since and I can honestly say she is one of the best. Not only does she know the human body but she cares about what she’s doing, and that is very important so I strongly recommend Helen,” he says.

Now based in Naremburn Transformation by Helen is thriving, and Helen couldn’t be happier to share her passion and knowledge for health with people who can benefit from her services and be the best version of themselves.

Transformation by Helen

Level 1, 80 Chandos St, Naremburn

Website:  www.transformationbyhelen.com.au

Facebook:  transformationbyhelen

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