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Willoughby City Council has decided to launch a comprehensive investigation into a large scale tree vandalism event along Willowie Road under the Environmental Planning and Asssessment Act 1979.

Under this authority where a person is found guilty of an offence involving the destruction of or damage to a tree or vegetation, the court dealing with the offence may, in addition to the recording of a conviction and imposing a substantial financial fine also direct that person to plant new trees and vegetation and maintain those trees and vegetation to a mature growth.

Council rangers are actively pursuing leads and currently conducting a thorough investigation in an effort to gather vital evidence and engage with the community for information.

As part of an awareness campaign, banners will be erected in strategic locations to raise awareness about the severity of the tree loss and its impact on precious wildlife.

Willoughby Council urges anyone with information related to this incident to assist with investigations.

Willoughby Mayor Tanya Taylor said that the community’s commitment to safeguarding our environment has always been solid.

“The Council bushland staff, members of our community and I are saddened to see the destruction caused by this blatant act of vandalism.”

“We will continue to work together to preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity that makes Castle Cove such a cherished place for all,” Cr Taylor said.

A large sign erected by Willoughby City Council at the site

A reward of up to $10,000 is being offered for any information leading to a successful prosecution of those responsible.

To report and incident or if you have any information please contact Willoughby City Council on 02 9777 1000 or email email@willoughby.nsw.gov.au