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We’ve witnessed a wallaby crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and receive many posts of beautiful sightings in the local bushland, but a mum and joey in the bathroom of Chatswood mall is a first!

Living near so much beautiful bushland, sightings of our amazing wildlife is quite common. From echidnas to wallabies, the WL Facebook Group often has posts sharing the latest pic of a fascinating creature in their natural habitat.

Occasionally, however, our animal friends do tend to wander into suburbia – especially now with the local human population in lockdown. In what would have to be a first though, a mother wallaby and joey were recently found in the public toilets of one of our major Chatswood shopping centres.

“Imagine walking into the bathroom at the Mall and seeing this! A wallaby mum and her joey somehow hopped into a large and busy shopping mall in Chatswood and then entered the ladies bathroom,” reported Sydney Wildlife Rescue.

“Our rescuers arrived on the scene and – with the assistance of the mall’s security staff – managed to corral the marsupial and her tiny tot into a blanket and then into a transportation carrier. She was taken to nearby bushland and released into a much more wallaby-friendly environment.”

Restrictions may have something to do with the surprise shopping trip. “We have noticed that with less people on the roads the wildlife have become a little more adventurous and are wandering further afield,” reports Sydney Wildlife Rescue. “Either that or she was chased by a dog into unfamiliar territory and then sought refuge in the restrooms where water was available.”

It’s not the first time a wallaby has been discovered in suburbia. “Sometimes animals start following the green corridors and creeks and then either get spooked by something and end up off-track or they realise that there has been habitat fragmentation and become displaced. Do you remember when there was a wallaby hopping across the Harbour Bridge a few years ago? And one at Manly Wharf which jumped into the water and tried to swim? We have darted wallabies in display homes, shopping trolley bays, schools and all kinds of odd places.”


Many will likely recall ‘Skippy’ making headlines for his run across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s assumed the trailblazing swamp wallaby came from nearby Cammeray bushland. This little guy’s early morning adventure ended in a police pursuit and he was taken to Taronga Zoo to recover before being released back into the wild in Ku-ring-gai National Park.

Sydney Wildlife Rescue is run 100% by volunteers. If you appreciate the amazing free service they provide and would like to donate, please click here: http://www.sydneywildlife.org.au/donate