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If you’re house hunting and want to secure your dream home ahead of other buyers – there is a way. SP. Property Buyers are a local fixed-price agency who do all the work for you.

We’ve all spent hours online researching, and lost entire weekends to endless and disappointing property inspections in search of the perfect home. But now, a local buyers agency – SP. Property Buyers, is literally the key to securing your new home pain-free and sooner.

If you haven’t heard of the service before, buyers agents are real estate experts who have access to properties before they hit the market, and they can make all the difference to a successful home purchase.


Here on Sydney’s beautiful Lower North Shore, residents are fortunate to live in some of Australia’s most beautiful locations, making the hunt for that elusive home difficult and competitive. However, Rowena Walton and Marcus Gould, the Founders of SP. Property Buyers have assisted hundreds of people to secure their dream home by getting a head start on the competition. And it often costs less!

“Most people purchase a property two or three times in their entire life and it’s the biggest purchase they will ever make,” says Rowena. “Appointing a buyer’s agent will often save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. We research and research some more, and we talk to agents every day to ensure quality and fair pricing.”

“Most people find buyers agent’s far too expensive,” adds Marcus, “and this is why we re-structured our fee schedule from the usual percentage based model, (which simply doesn’t make sense,) to an affordable fixed-fee service, allowing buyers across all price points to access the huge benefits afforded by using a proactive buyer’s agent.”

“We have a dedicated team of six, assisting buyers every day to uncover their new dream home. The vast majority of purchases for our clients are bought off market, way before they are made available to the general public. There’s quite literally a whole other market that regular buyers are unaware of. It took us years of relationship building to gain access to these homes and it’s for certain reasons that real estate agents simply don’t alert regular buyers to these opportunities.”

The couple don’t just talk the talk either. Real estate is at the heart of their personal and professional relationship.

“Back in 2004 we both started out in real estate, neither of us knew what we were really getting into, we just both knew we loved property. Over the years we’ve owned our own real estate agencies in London, had amazing times, a lot of fun, learnt great lessons and are grateful for the ride. We are home owners and property investors too.”

The couple moved to Sydney in 2010, working as estate agents selling property on the Lower North Shore, and soon understood the importance of buyer representation.

“We quickly realised that the Real Estate Industry is very much about securing the listing and focusing on the seller with no real concern for the buyers.  That’s why we started our business, SP. Property Buyers. It’s all about the buyers!” says Rowena.

They consider their business to be more affordable than traditional buyers agents, providing for all types of budgets and without compromising on any aspect of the service.

“Traditionally, buyers agents charge a percentage of the purchase price, just like selling agents do. It’s usually 1.5% to 2.2%. This makes no sense, as the more you pay for the property, the more the buyer agent earns. It’s counter intuitive when we should be aiming for the cheapest possible price,” says Marcus.

This is why SP. Property Buyers offers a fixed fee service, starting at only $14,995 + GST. With property prices skyrocketing in recent years, a fixed fee helps keep costs down but gives you the ability to move quickly when the right place comes along.

“Right now, buyers are sitting on the fence waiting for prices to fall. If you are planning on buying a property for longevity (five – ten years) take a look at Sydney’s property history where traditionally prices double every ten years. Today is no different. We continue to have low stock levels when it comes to high quality,” says Marcus.

What advice do Rowena, Marcus, and their team have for those currently looking for their dream home?

“Appoint a professional property buyer. Someone who has the relationships with the selling agents, to know what questions to ask and how to negotiate the best outcome. This ensures that you are aware of pre-market listings, as gaining access to these homes without a trusted buyer’s agent is difficult.”

“In five years, people will 100% look back and say, I wish I bought in 2022!”


SP. Property Buyers

Website: https://www.spbuy.com.au/

Instagram: @sp.buy

Email: Marcus@spbuy.com.au

Ph:  0402 239 660

Address: Suite E, 32 Suakin Drive, Mosman NSW 2088